Frequently Asked Questions

I just registered - how do I know which program enrollments are available to me?
Your program enrollment options can be found under the Invitations tab. You are eligible to enroll in nationally available programs like MarketBuilder and Pair50. Certain other programs may be invitation only or offered on a regional basis. If you have any questions about your program invitations, please contact your Essilor Labs Sales Consultant or top
I just accepted a program invitation - how do I know my enrollment went through?
All of your program enrollments will be found on the dashboard under “My Programs”. You’ll need to re-enroll and accept new terms and conditions each year. If you see any program banners missing from your Programs page, check your Invitations page or ask your Essilor Labs Sales Consultant. top
I just started working with a new Essilor Labs lab. How do I know my new account number is being reported?
Your new account number should be automatically linked to your Essilor Labs membership because your new account number is tied to your address. To confirm this, you can log in to your account and see the list of account numbers that are part of your location in the My Practice section. The account number(s) associated with your location(s) will be listed under Locations. New account numbers will show up once they are activated by sending in your first job via this account, and it can take up to one week to display on the site. Demonstration of finding account numbers top
How do I add locations to my account in My Essilor Labs?
If your practice has more than one location, it is easy to manage all locations with a single login. Simply go to the My Practice section and click on the “Add new location” link in the sidebar. Demonstration of adding a location Type in an account number as well as the ZIP code for that new location, just as you did to register for the program. Confirm or update the location information that appears on the screen. A message will pop up on the site announcing the successful addition. If you are having trouble adding a location, please contact your or 1-800-386-4389. top
My account has the wrong name, how do I fix it?
You can correct your name or address by clicking the My Practice section on the main navigation bar. Select the name or location that you wish to edit and fill out the displayed fields. Remember to save your changes before exiting the page. top