Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in
Click on the Register your Practice button. Then fill out the form to complete your registration. All other lab account numbers for that location will automatically appear. If you have more locations, you can add those after registering your account. Enroll in top
I just registered - how do I know which program enrollments are available to me?
Your program enrollment options can be found under the Invitations tab. If you have any questions about your program invitations, please contact your Essilor Labs Sales Consultant or top
I just accepted a program invitation - how do I know my enrollment went through?
Program enrollments will be found on the dashboard under “My Programs.” You’ll need to re-enroll and accept new terms and conditions each year for recurring promotions (ex: Pair 50). If you see any program banners missing from your Programs page, check your Invitations page or ask your Essilor Labs Sales Consultant. top
I just started working with a new Essilor Labs lab. How do I know my new account number is being reported?
Your new account number will be automatically linked to your Essilor Labs membership because your new account number is tied to your address. To confirm this, you can log in to your account and see the list of account numbers that are part of your location in the My Practice section. The account number(s) associated with your location(s) will be listed under Locations. New account numbers will show up once they are activated by sending in your first job via this account. It can take up to one week for a new account number to display on the site. If you do not see your account number listed, you can add by clicking Add Location. If you have an issue with this please contact New account number is being reported top
How do I add locations to my account in My Essilor Labs?
If your practice has more than one location, it is easy to manage all locations with a single login. Simply go to the My Practice section and click on the “Add new location” link in the sidebar. Type in an account number as well as the ZIP code for that new location, just as you did to register for the program. Confirm or update the location information that appears on the screen. A message will pop up on the site announcing the successful addition. If you are having trouble adding a location, please contact or 1-800-386-4389. Add locations to account top
How do I redeem my PracticeBuilder Funds?
First go to the rewards tab. Then click Entire Practice. From there, select the location you would like to withdraw funds from. Then click All Rewards and select PB Funds. (You must do both of these steps in order to request a payout). A box will appear on the right where you can input in the amount that you want to request. Please do not put in decimals. Note that the largest increment is $5,000. Redeem funds
Redeem funds
In order to request a check for your PracticeBuilder funds, the tax ID associated with your check request must match your practice name or corporate entity. Individuals listed on the site with tax forms on file will not be able to receive PracticeBuilder funds. Please note that Essilor can only pay the PracticeBuilder rebates to the entity that made the purchases, i.e., your practice. If your Corporate Entity isn't set up as a payee, please go to the "My Practice" tab to do so and to download and submit a new tax form to Redeem funds top
Do my PracticeBuilder Funds Expire?
Yes, every year your funds will expire on March 31 st so make sure you redeem your rebates before then. top
When can I expect to receive a check that I request?
PracticeBuilder Funds requested as a check will be received within 4-6 weeks. This time frame may be longer during our “peak months from January to March when the requests for checks increase significantly. top
How do I reset my password?
Go to the main Login, select Forgot Password, type in email, and select Submit.
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How do I know what email address my account is linked to?
If you are unable to remember what email is associated with the account, please reach out to our customer support at or 1-800-386-4389. top
How can I change the email address associated with my account?
If you need to update the email associated with the account, please reach out to our customer support at or 1-800-386-4389.
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